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Hi Guitar Fam! I'm happy to share this lesson on the Beatles song Blackbird with you. It's complete with jam track and TAB to make learning as easy as possible. This song sounds pretty simple at first, but you can't always judge a song by your first listen. There are some unusual techniques and deceptively easy-sounding parts.

I found that listening to the song A LOT before even digging into the first part helped me a lot. Also, try to get the main strumming pattern taught in the video down first. This will make learning all of the main parts of the song much faster.

If you need any help with this song or any other song, go ahead and book a 1-on-1 lesson with me. The first one is complimentary, so there is no risk. Keep us posted on your progress by commenting on this page, posting in the forum, or emailing us directly at


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