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Learn to play the songs you love in a

community that supports you and your guitar goals.

Blues rhythm and lead guitar from the ground up. 
The cure for all of your strumming and timing problems.
Develop the essential skills that every guitarist needs.
Warm up your voice for singing and performing!
Fingerstyle guitar from beginner to advanced.
Unlock the fretboard with the CAGED system.
Create your dynamic and personalized
plan for success. 
Overcome bar chords once and for all anywhere on the fretboard.
Clean up your chord transitions with this guided mini-course.
Grow your understanding of music so you can play songs faster.

Premium Courses & Lesson Plans

Explore our premium courses and lesson plans on the blues and fingerstyle guitar, bar chords, strumming, timing, the CAGED system and more. Create your complimentary account to go through the first module of any course or unlock the entire library with a premium membership. 

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Online Private Guitar Lessons With Nate Savage

Your First Lesson is Complimentary

Online Private Singing Lessons With Chelsea Amber

Your First Lesson is Complimentary

Musical Duo


Get plugged into the Guitar Fam community. 

Your Profile

Post about your history, gear,

favorite music, and guitar goals

so we can get to know you.


Join us for the monthly livestreams.

Share your progress, submit videos

for review, ask questions, and hang

out to talk about guitar.

The Guitar Fam Forum

Connect with other fam members,

ask questions, and share wins

and struggles in your personal

progress journal.

Private Facebook Group

Join the private Guitar Fam Student Community Group and interact with other fam members from all over the world. Share updates, inspirational videos, events, and funny guitar-related posts.

Student Video Reviews

Submit videos for review. They can

even be featured in our monthly

livestreams. Send your videos to


Have questions or need some encouragement? We are here for you. Email us at We'd love to hear from you.

Easy Songs
Christmas Songs
Fingerstyle Songs
All Other Songs
Guitar Solos

Song Library

Learning to play full songs is an important part of growing as a musician, and the Guitar Fam song library has you covered. Explore easy songs, fingerstyle songs, guitar solos, Christmas songs, and more. 

Guitar Family

What Guitar Fam Members Are Saying

"Guitar Fam is the guitar/singing creation of an outstanding couple that supports each other in both music and life! Nate’s guitar lessons are the best I’ve ever found... online or live! His honesty and candour give the rest of us hope and encouragement that our practice sessions will eventually pay off! His lessons and teaching style (both my wife and I are retired teachers) are superb! I highly recommend Guitar Fam and anything past/present or future guitar endeavors Nate and Chelsea create!!" 


"I've been playing the guitar for a while and am really trying to correct some bad habits and improve my overall playing. I am working my way through Nate's Strumming Doctor course and think it is just terrific! I highly recommend it. I return over and over to the practice sessions to provide myself with structured practice. The Bar Chord Masterclass was equally excellent. I also took a private lesson from Nate and it was extremely good. I also enjoy the monthly livestreams. I particularly appreciate Chelsea's comments about focus - choose one thing and work on that and you will get better. They are a great team!"  


"A few years ago, I said to myself , I’m 60, and always wanted to play guitar; if not now, when?? I found Nate, Chelsea and @theguitarfam and haven’t looked back. I’m 64 now and it’s been a blast. Go for it, you’re not getting older your getting wiser!!"

Membership Options



  • Access the first module of all our premium courses.

  • Connect with the Guitar Fam community.

  • One complimentary private guitar and singing lesson.





Per Month

  • Unlimited access to the full premium course library.

  • Connect with the Guitar Fam community.

  • One complimentary private guitar and singing lesson.

  • Unlimited email support.

  • Student video reviews.



Per Year

  • All the perks of the monthly membership for 20% off.

  • 90-Day Money-back Guarantee






Why Join?

We want to help you learn to play your favorite blues, fingerstyle, rock, classic rock, and folk songs on the guitar. Our step-by-step courses address the most important areas of how to play guitar and make this happen, but there is more to it than that. 


We also want to get to know you and create a community where we can support each other along the way. That’s why we have the Guitar Fam forum, livestreams, student video reviews, the private community Facebook group, and unlimited email support. We want to cheer you on as you progress toward your personal guitar goals. It’s our goal to know every Guitar Fam member by name!


Nate & Chelsea

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