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Bar Chord Masterclass

Overcome Bar Chords Once & For All!

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Learn Everything You Need to Master Bar Chords

& Use Them In Your Favorite Songs.

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Why Are Bar Chords So Hard?

Bar chords are the toughest chords on the guitar, but they are also the most useful ones you can learn. These beastly chord shapes make many guitar players quit altogether, but there is good news!


There are certain things you can do to ensure your success with bar chords. And let us assure you, you have what it takes to get the job done!


If you feel like you’ve tried to learn bar chords in the past but failed, you are not alone… We’ve seen hundreds of students struggle with bar chords and overcome them. 


Here's the thing. Most guitar players skip some key steps to master these chords. The Bar Chord Masterclass guides you through all the steps you need to conquer them once and for all


That means that you will have the tools to play the songs you love and seriously level up your guitar playing overall.

Bar Chord Masterclass Ebook
✅ Build the strength and technique to overcome bar chords once and for all.

✅ Fill in the holes in some of your favorite songs with chords like F# and Bb. 


✅ Master all 10 of the core major and minor bar chord shapes. 
✅ Play important chord progressions in any position on the guitar neck.
✅ Learn to use bar chords to play chord progressions in any major key.
✅ Master the basics of the CAGED system.
✅ Learn all the notes on the guitar. 
✅ Expand your chord library by adding extensions and partial shapes to your core bar chord repertoire.

Here's What You'll Learn​

What Comes With the Full Bar Chord Masterclass? ​

When you invest in the full Bar Chord Masterclass, you get:

  • All 12 Bar Chord Masterclass Modules - Each module contains detailed video lessons and assignments, so you know exactly what to practice and when to move on. 


  • Jam Tracks - Download or stream relevant jam tracks to make learning how to use bar chords fun and practical. 


  • *Bonus - The Bar Chord Masterclass Ebook - Download the full 140-page companion Ebook! This is a great way to follow along and make learning faster and more effective.


  • All the Support You Need - If you run into a tough spot or just need some feedback, we are here for you. You can email us directly, post in the student forum, or even send in a video for review.

  • Big Savings - Save when you purchase the entire course instead of the individual modules and Ebook.

  • A Complimentary 1-on-1 Lesson - If you really need some extra help, you can book a private lesson with Nate. The first one is complimentary, so is a great way to iron out any issues or clean up any bad habits.  

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Nate Savage

Become a premium member or invest in the full course.

How the Guitar Fam Met
Module 1

E Major Bar Chord Shape

Develop the strength and technique you need to play not only the E major bar chord shapes, but all of the bar chord shapes in the Bar Chord Masterclass.

How the Guitar Fam Met
Module 2

E Minor Bar Chord Shape

The heavy lifting you did in module 1 will payoff big time as you learn the E minor bar chord shape and apply it to the 1-5-6-4 chord progression in module 2.

How the Guitar Fam Met
Module 3

A Major Bar Chord Shape

Open up a new part of the guitar fretboard as you apply everything you've learned about bar chords to the A major bar chord shape.

How the Guitar Fam Met
Module 4

A Minor Bar Chord Shape

The A minor shape opens up a new dimension of the guitar and allows you to play the 1-5-6-4 chord progression in an efficient new way.

How the Guitar Fam Met
Module 5

Changing Keys With Bar Chords

Unlock the true magic of bar chords as you discover how to play critical chord progressions in any major key you like. This is a major tipping point!

How the Guitar Fam Met
Module 6

D Major Bar Chord Shape

Learn one of the most useful but underutilized bar chords of all time. The D major bar chord will help unlock new parts of the fretboard and unleash your creativity.

How the Guitar Fam Met
Module 7

D Minor Bar Chord Shape

Expand your ability to play through the 1-5-6-4 chord progression and other important chord progressions by learning the D minor bar chord shape.

How the Guitar Fam Met
Module 8

C Major Bar Chord Shape

Venture into more advanced bar chord shapes and new rhythm guitar territory as you learn the finer points of using the C major bar chord.

How the Guitar Fam Met
Module 9

C Minor Bar Chord Shape

The movable C minor chord isn't technically a bar chord, but it's critical to learn to complete the big picture of the fretboard.

How the Guitar Fam Met
Module 10

G Major Bar Chord Shape

Dig into a new concept by learning how to take your open G major chord and turn it into a new movable bar chord shape.

How the Guitar Fam Met
Module 11

G Minor Bar Chord Shape

Our final bar chord shape gives you yet another option to play minor chords. Learn the movable G minor shape to complete the picture.

How the Guitar Fam Met
Module 12

Bar Chord Extensions

Open the door for the next chapter in your chord journey as you learn some of the most important chord extensions using bar chord shapes you already know.

Bar Chord Masterclass Module Overview

GuitarFam_jennimarie (92) small.jpg

Getting bar chords down is more than just learning some new chord shapes. It's gaining the freedom to play the music you love, jam with your friends, and create your own music on the spot. 


Master bar chords once and for all with this comprehensive 12-module course, companion 140-page Ebook, and all of the support you need for success. You can invest in the full course with the Ebook for just $49.97.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


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Bar Chord Masterclass Ebook

Become a premium member or invest in the full course.


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