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Forum Rules

​1 - Be kind and courteous. - Keep this group a positive place to be. Ensure that all comments are kind and respectful. Don’t be a troll.​


2 - No bullying. - If you see anything that may be harmful, disrespectful, racist, or prejudice toward any person or group of people, please report it to the group admins.


3 - Give and share more than you expect to receive.


4 - No spam! - You are absolutely free to post a link to your song on YouTube or Spotify, but it must be accompanied by a thoughtful caption. Links without a caption or that just say “Like and subscribe” will be treated as spam and deleted.​​


5 - No nudity.


6 - No politics! - Nothing ruins a family dinner like politics. 


7 - No outside promotions. - This includes sales from outside companies or MLMs.


8 - Sharing music is okay.

9 - You must be okay with Guitar Fam sharing music and promotions.


10 - Have fun!!

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