Invest in an entire course or go module by module. The first module of each premium course is complimentary, so there is something for everyone. Start with the complimentary Guitar Foundations course to master the basics, then move on to a course that suits your personal goals. 

Premium Courses


Unlock and master the power of bar chords so you can play your favorite songs. The 12 modules show you how to navigate important chord progressions in any position on the guitar neck! Ebook included.


Invest in the Full Course

Complimentary Courses

guitar foundations free beginner guitar course

Lay the foundation you need to play the guitar with our complimentary beginner course. Learn open chords, strumming, bar chords, theory, and more! Create your account and get started today.


Follow Nate & Chelsea through the Guitar Fam Practice Plan and create your own unique, effective, and dynamic practice plan. Ebook included! Create your account and get started today.

fingerstyle guitar course

Coming soon in early 2021!

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