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Learn to play fingerstyle guitar like you've always dreamed!

Create your complimentary Guitar Fam account and start the Fingerstyle Masterclass for $0. The 1st module is free, so there is no risk or obligation!

Invest in the full course, or go through the 1st complimentary module.

Modules contains detailed video lessons, specific assignments, and fun jam tracks.

Connect with fellow students in the forum to ask questions, share your progress and cheer each other on.

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How it Works

  1. Create a complimentary account.

  2. Check your email to confirm your registration.

  3. Visit the Fingerstyle Masterclass Course Page to get started.

  4. Complete the 1st module at no charge.

  5. Ask questions and share your progress with fellow students in our Guitar Fam Forum.

  6. After Module 1, you can choose to continue your progress by becoming a premium member or investing in the entire course.

Here's What You'll Learn
Module 1

Fingerstyle Basics & Mechanics

Lay your solid fingerstyle guitar foundation. Module 1 covers non-playing essentials, finger and thumb technique, and your 1st accompaniment pattern.

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Module 2


Develop the coordination, dexterity, and timing you need to play one of the most useful accompaniment tools on the guitar.

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Module 3

Essential Accompaniment Patterns

Expand your fingerstyle vocabulary by learning some of the most important accompaniment patterns for playing along to your favorite songs.

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Module 4

Adding Decorations

Dress up the chords and patterns you already know by digging into some staple fingerstyle decorations and embellishments.

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Module 5

Applying Patterns

Discover how to apply all of the fingerstyle patterns and coordinations you've been working on to the songs you love.

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Module 6

Reading Rhythms

Lay a super-strong foundation for your musical career by understanding how rhythm works and learning how to sight-read rhythms.

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Module 7

Reading Music

Dig into the fundamentals and some of the finer points of reading standard musical notation on the guitar. This can be important for learning new fingerstyle songs in the future.

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Module 8

Travis Picking 1 - The Thumb

Start on the right foot with Travis Picking by getting total control of your thumb. This is a critical first step that nobody should skip!

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Module 9

Travis Picking 2 - The Blues

Take your Travis Picking skills and fingerstyle coordination to the next level by digging into some bluesy ideas.

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Module 10

Travis Picking 3 - Pattern Based Song

Dig even deeper into Travis Picking by learning a full pattern-based Travis Picking song. This is where things get real with this style.

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Module 11

Melody & Bass Fingerstyle

Ascend to the next level of fingerstyle guitar by learning how to come up with your own solo fingerstyle guitar arrangements for your favorite songs.

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Module 12

Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is a different beast when it comes to fingerstyle. Learn about some of the more nuanced things you need to be aware of as you get into this great style.

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Guitar Fam is an online guitar education community created by husband and wife duo Nate Savage and Chelsea Amber. We provide accessible learning, encouragement and a supportive community as you strive to reach your guitar goals. Learn to play guitar through online courses, 1-on-1 lessons and our student forum.

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