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The cure for your strumming and timing problems!

Discover the system to develop your strumming so you can play the songs you love! 

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Anyone can master strumming. 

Are you frustrated with your strumming on the guitar? Well, you are not alone. Whether it’s those pesky upstrokes getting stuck in the strings, feeling like you will never be able to play fast enough to keep up with 16th note strumming patterns, or just feeling like your strumming is a little dull and lifeless. We’ve all been there at some point, but there is hope. 


Anyone (yes, that includes you) can master strumming if you have a system to ensure a solid foundation in technique, speed and timing. That’s what we’ve done with The Strumming Dr. When you follow this roadmap, you will know exactly what to focus on to build the core skills you need to play the songs you love. 


Having the ability to pick your guitar up and strum along to your favorite songs is one of the best feelings in the world, and strumming is a giant part of that. It will take some work, but you can do it. You are not too old, and you haven’t started playing the guitar too late in life. If your strumming hand is holding you back, the Strumming Dr. is the cure.

The Strumming Dr. Ebook
Chelsea Strumming

You'll Learn How To...

✅ Develop your foundational downstroke and upstroke strumming technique. 

✅ Gain control of your timing, so you’ll always sound great.  


✅ Build the speed you need to play 16th note strumming patterns.  
✅ Unlock the power of the Constant Strumming Technique to learn new strumming patterns.
✅ Figure out strumming patterns for yourself by ear.  
✅ Apply your strumming skills to fun musical examples.   
✅ Bring your strumming to life with accents, single bass notes, dynamics, and muted strums. 
✅ Develop your feel to make your strumming more interesting. 
✅ Play with a swing feel by learning about triplets.
✅ Practice each lesson so you know exactly when to move on.
Strumming Dr. Background
Strumming Dr. Module
Module 1

Foundational Technique, Quarter Note Strumming, & Timing

Develop your core strumming technique and timing skills. Focusing on the foundations here will make 8th and 16th note strumming ideas much easier later on.

Strumming Dr. Module
Module 2

8th Note Strumming & Timing

Take your strumming to the next logical level by learning to use 8th notes to play new musical strumming patterns and developing your timing.

Strumming Dr. Module
Module 3

Dynamic Strumming Tools

Discover how to use accents, muted strumming, single bass notes, and drum and bass ideas to give your strumming a new dimension of depth and emotion.

Strumming Dr. Module
Module 4

16th Note Strumming & Timing

Overcome 16th notes and use them to play your most musical and dynamic strumming patterns yet. You will naturally kick your timing and creativity up a notch too.

Strumming Dr. Module
Module 5

Triplets, Swing Feel & Syncopation

Refine your strumming and timing by learning how to incorporate triplets, syncopation, and the ever-important swing feel to your playing.

The Strumming Dr. Module Overview

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The Strumming Dr. Ebook
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