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Master bar chords so you can learn to play any song you want. The 1st module is complimentary, so there is no risk or obligation!


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How it Works

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Here's What You'll Learn
Module 1

E Major Bar Chord Shape

Develop the strength and technique you need to play not only the E major bar chord shapes, but all of the bar chord shapes in the Bar Chord Masterclass.

Module 2

E Minor Bar Chord Shape

The heavy lifting you did in module 1 will payoff big time as you learn the E minor bar chord shape and apply it to the 1-5-6-4 chord progression in module 2.

Module 3

A Major Bar Chord Shape

Open up a new part of the guitar fretboard as you apply everything you've learned about bar chords to the A major bar chord shape.

Module 4

A Minor Bar Chord Shape

The A minor shape opens up a new dimension of the guitar and allows you to play the 1-5-6-4 chord progression in an efficient new way.

Module 5

Changing Keys With Bar Chords

Unlock the true magic of bar chords as you discover how to play critical chord progressions in any major key you like. This is a major tipping point!

Module 6

D Major Bar Chord Shape

Learn one of the most useful but underutilized bar chords of all time. The D major bar chord will help unlock new parts of the fretboard and unleash your creativity.

Module 7

D Minor Bar Chord Shape

Expand your ability to play through the 1-5-6-4 chord progression and other important chord progressions by learning the D minor bar chord shape.

Module 8

C Major Bar Chord Shape

Venture into more advanced bar chord shapes and new rhythm guitar territory as you learn the finer points of using the C major bar chord.

Module 9

C Minor Bar Chord Shape

The movable C minor chord isn't technically a bar chord, but it's critical to learn to complete the big picture of the fretboard.

Module 10

G Major Bar Chord Shape

Dig into a new concept by learning how to take your open G major chord and turn it into a new movable bar chord shape.

Module 11

G Minor Bar Chord Shape

Our final bar chord shape gives you yet another option to play minor chords. Learn the movable G minor shape to complete the picture.

Module 12

Bar Chord Extensions

Open the door for the next chapter in your chord journey as you learn some of the most important chord extensions using bar chord shapes you already know.


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