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Module 1 Lessons


1 - Introduction

A quick bird's eye view of some prerequisites and what you can expect to learn in this course.


4 - Open E - 2, 3, & 4

Make the E bar chord shape easier by making the E shape with your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingers.


7 - 1 4 5 Progression

Use your E major bar chord shape to play through one of the most important chord progressions in music.


2 - Bar First!

Start off on the right foot! This is the most critical step to ensure success with bar chords.


5 - E Major Bar Shape

Put all of the pieces of the puzzle together to make the full E major bar chord shape.


8 - Alternate Shapes

Discover some alternate chord shapes that you can use instead of the full E major bar chord shape.


3 - 8 Open Chords

Join us for a quick review of the 8 foundational open chords we will use throughout this course.


6 - Notes on the E String

Learn how to play any major chord by memorizing the notes on the low E string.


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