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Bar Chord Masterclass EBook

Bar Chord Masterclass EBook

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Develop the technique and strength you need to master bar chords and learn all of the core bar chord shapes you need to play your favorite songs. This 140-page Ebook is the perfect companion to the 12-module Bar Chord Masterclass course. The Ebook is included when you purchase the full Bar Chord Masterclass. You can also purchase the Ebook on its own and move through the Bar Chord Masterclass module by module. 


Topics include: 

Bar Chord Technique

Building Strength

E Major Bar Chord Shape

E Minor Bar Chord Shape

A Major Bar Chord Shape

A Minor Bar Chord Shape
Notes On The Fretboard

Basic CAGED Concepts

Changing Keys With Bar Chords

Important Chord Progressions

D Major Bar Chord Shape

D Minor Bar Chord Shape

C Major Bar Chord Shape

C Minor Bar Chord Shape

G Major Bar Chord Shape

G Minor Bar Chord Shape

Bar Chord Extensions


*If you've purchased any lifetime courses from Nate Savage in the past, you can just email us your receipt at and we'll send you the Ebook for free!

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