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The Guitar Fam Fingerstyle Masterclass Ebook

The Guitar Fam Fingerstyle Masterclass Ebook


Learn exactly what you need to play fingerstyle guitar the way you've always dreamed. This comprehensive course takes you all the way from basic fingerstyle technique all the way to travis picking and even coming up with your own solo fingerstyle guitar arrangments of your favorite songs. The 235-page Ebook is the perfect companion to the 12-module Fingerstyle Masterclass course. The Ebook is included when you purchase the full course. You can also purchase the Ebook on its own and go through the first complimentary module. 


Topics include:

Non-Playing Fingerstyle Basics

Fingerstyle Basics & Mechanics


Essential Accompaniment Patterns

Fingerstyle Decorations

Applying Patterns to Songs

Reading Rhythms

Reading Music

Travis Picking I

Travis Picking II

Travis Picking II

Bass & Melody Fingerstyle

Classical Guitar


*If you've purchased any lifetime courses from Nate Savage in the past, you can just email us your receipt at and we'll send you the Ebook for free!


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