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Here's What You'll Learn


1 Guitar Foundations Introduction

Watch a quick rundown of what you can expect to learn as you move through the course.


4 Parts Of The Guitar

Learn about the parts and functions of the acoustic and electric guitars.


7 Changing Electric Strings

Learn the finer points of how to change electric guitar strings.


10 Timing

Start developing one of the most important musical skills. Timing!


13 Notes on the E Strings

Increase your freedom on the guitar by learning the notes on the E string.


16 Your First Open Chords

Grow your chord library by learning the open A, D, and E major chords.


19 Changing Chords Smoothly

Overcome the biggest initial challenge of changing chords smoothly.


22 Song 2 - "Denial Avenue"

Apply everything you’ve learned so far to playing through a new rock song.


25 Notes on the A String

Expand your view of the guitar neck by learning the notes on the A string.


28 Song 3 - "Rockin’ Train"

Apply your bar chords and strumming to a new song in the style of Darius Rucker.


31 Picking Single Notes

Start developing the technique you need to play single-note on the guitar.


34 What Do You Do Next?

Find out what steps you need to take next to keep your guitar progress rolling.


2 Making A Plan

Learn how to create a unique practice plan so you know exactly what to work on.


5 How To Tune The Guitar With A Tuner

Learn how to use an electronic tuner to tune your guitar.


8 Changing Acoustic Strings

Learn the finer points of how to change acoustic guitar strings.


11 Strumming Foundations

Start developing your strumming with the Strumming Technique Checklist.


14 Song 1 - "1,000 Steps"

Use power chords and simple strumming to play through your first song.


17 The Constant Strumming Technique

Refine your strumming abilities with the Constand Strumming Technique.


20 Open G & C Major Chords

Take your open chords to the next level by learning the open G and C major.


23 Capos & 16th Notes

Take a look at how to use a capo while improving your strumming abilities.


26 Bar Chords 2

Expand your ability to play chord progression by learning the A major bar chord.


29 Music Theory 1 - The Major Scale

Demystify the basics of music theory and learn how to make it work for you.


32 Lead Guitar 101 - Your First Scale

Learn your first scale and start improvising solos over a jam track.


3 Which Guitar Should You Buy

Answer these four questions to help decide which guitar you should buy.


6 How To Tune The Guitar By Ear

Unlock the secrets of tuning by ear with the two-step tuning method.


9 Rhythm

Discover how to interpret note values and read rhythms on the guitar.


12 Power Chords

Get the basic power chord shapes down and learn how to move them around the neck.


15 Palm Muting

Take a look at how to add the palm muting technique in with your power chords.


18 Warming Up

Add some warm-up exercises to round out your daily practice routine.


21 3 Open Minor Chords

Expand your guitar chord pallet as you learn the 3 foundational minor chord shapes.


24 Bar Chords 1

Start learning how to use the most powerful chords on the guitar, bar chords!


27 Bar Chords 3

Finish learning your basic bar chord with the A minor and E minor shapes.


30 Music Theory 2 - How Chords Work

Learn about how major keys and how to know what chords sound good together.


33 Bending

Get into bending on the guitar with the Bending Technique Checklist.


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