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8 Best Pieces of Musical Advice Ever

Updated: Jun 19

Hi fam,

I was recently reminiscing about some of the people who’ve had a big impact on me musically throughout my life. Once I started going down this rabbit hole, I figured I would write down some things they said that helped me progress on the guitar.

All this reflection led me to create this video called “The 8 Best Pieces of Musical Advice Ever.” Of course, these aren’t the best 8 pieces of musical advice in the world. They are just the ones that had a profound effect on me. You can help make this even better by leaving the best pieces of musical advice you’ve received over the years in the comments below the video.

Here are the 8 pieces of musical advice. Of course, we go into more detail on each one in the video. Thanks for watching, Nate


"If you are serious about guitar and you don't

have the fretboard memorized cold, you are

kidding yourself"

- Joe Satriani


"You are responsible for your own musicianship"

- Randy Snyder


"Learn how chords work and learn chords"

- Mr. Stringer


"Always apply everything to music"

- John Petrucci


"If you are a music major and are not practicing

at least an hour a day, you are kidding yourself"

- Jeff Gleason


"Sing whatever you play"

- Random Guitar Center Customer


"If you can't hear it in your head or sing it, then

you can't play it"

- Hal Galper


"Just start learning to go up and down the

7th chords"

- Cesar Gil

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