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8 Tips for Overcoming Guitar Plateaus

Hi fam,

As guitarists, we all hit plateaus where we just don’t seem to get any better, no matter how much we practice. It can be super-annoying and disheartening, but it’s something we all go through every now and then. That’s why we wanted to make this video on 8 ways to overcome plateaus on the guitar. All 8 tips are below for your reference as you watch.

1 - Narrow Your Focus

2 - Consistency

3 - Play the Long Game

4 - Revisit Your First Love

5 - Always Have a Musical Goal

6 - Surround Yourself With a Community of Like-Minded People

7 - Break Things Down Into Their Smallest Components

8 - Stay Positive

Leave a comment below if you have a tip that has helped you overcome a plateau in your playing.


Nate & Chelsea

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