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How to Work Your Guitar Amp - How Do You Work This Thing #2

Welcome to episode #2 of "How Do You Work This Thing?" This time we are going to discuss how to work your guitar amp. It doesn't matter if you have a tube amp, solid state amp, or modeling amp. The principles covered here are pretty universal.

The main things we will touch on are how to set your guitar amp up for a good clean tone, how to set your guitar amp up for pedals, and how to set your guitar amp up for an overdriven tone. Your amp may be different from the one we use in this video, but all of the principles will apply just the same to your amp.

Once you've gone through this video, there are two main things that you need to focus on. First, get to know your gear. It's important that you are very familiar with your own amplifier so you can adjust things quickly and accurately. Second, you need to experiment to find what tones you like best on your amp. All of the tips in this video will give you the information you need to get some good tones out of your amp, but there is no substitute for experimentation.

Watch through the video, and then schedule a session with your amp to dial in all of the best tones you can find. If you have any questions about your specific gear, you can leave a question in the comments for this lesson or schedule a private video lesson with me here. The first lesson is complimentary, so there is no risk or obligation.

Have fun!

Nate & Chelsea

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Tammy Anderson
Tammy Anderson
13 Apr 2021

This was great and very helpful! Now to go and play with the amp my husband has.

Anggota tidak dikenal
03 Mei 2021
Membalas kepada

Ahh, cool.

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