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"My Girl" - Easy Guitar Lesson

Hi fam,

Here is the latest Easy Song Lesson for you. This time we are taking a look at the Temptations' song “My Girl.” This one has a few little twists, but it’s still easy enough to be classified as an easy song lesson.

There are quite a few chords you need to know to play this song, but there is only one potential bar chord. You need an F major chord, but you don’t have to use a bar chord. You can use the easier three or four-note F major chord if you like.

The second tricky part is the modulation about two-thirds of the way through the song. We start in the key of C major, but we change to the key of D major in verse three.

You can get through the entire song with just one strumming pattern and some shots in a couple of places, so that’s nice and easy.

The full jam track and chord chart are available for you here on the site. Give this one a shot, and let us know about any other Easy Song Lesson suggestions you may have.

Have fun with this one,

Nate & Chelsea

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