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The 12 Week Year - Productivity for Musicians

Have you ever gotten to the end of a year and felt discouraged by your progress in the previous 12 months? We understand that life can get in the way. Maybe you procrastinate, lack motivation, or just don’t have someone to keep you accountable.

We recently read through the book The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington, and were so motivated by it that we just had to start up a 12-week accountability group on the Guitar Fam site called Guitar Fam Growth Groups. More on that later. 

If you haven’t read the book yet, the audiobook version is free on YouTube. Here is the link for you.

The idea behind the book is to achieve your goals faster by using 12-week periods to focus on hitting your target instead of full years. That smaller time frame helps you create a greater sense of urgency and focus through a solid plan, consistent action, and accountability.

With that in mind, here are our 6 favorite takeaways from The 12 Week Year.

#1 - 12-Week Cycles -  Instead of annual goals, break the year into 12-week periods, treating each as a distinct "year." This shorter time frame creates a sense of urgency and focus. 

#2 - Accountability - Holding yourself accountable is crucial for achieving goals. This can involve tracking progress, reviewing performance, and adjusting strategies as needed. Part of this key point is meeting with an accountability group who can help you stay focused on the prize and encourage you when you’re feeling unmotivated.

#3 - Weekly Planning - Break down goals into weekly tasks and actions. This gives you even smaller bite sized pieces and you can check in every week to see if you are moving in the right direction. 

#4 - Discipline - Success requires discipline and commitment to following through on your plan, even when you face distractions or setbacks. This really comes down to taking action. We can make the most amazing plans for our guitar goals, but until we put them into action, those goals will remain wishes. And let’s be honest, it’s way easier to stay disciplined for 12 weeks than it is for an entire year.

#5 - Flexibility - Remain flexible and adaptable. If a strategy isn't working, be willing to adjust and try new approaches. Life comes up, so have some grace for yourself when the unexpected happens. Be flexible, but stay dedicated.

#6 - Focus on the Now - Don't get overwhelmed by the big picture. Focus on what needs to be done today and this week to move closer to your goals. A great application for this is when you’re working through an entire song that is rather challenging. Just tackle one measure at a time. Once you have that measure down, move to the next one and put all your focus on that one measure. Eventually you’ll get that entire song under your belt!

By following the principles in The 12 Week Year, the book encourages us that we can make more progress in 12 weeks than most people do in a year. Imagine making measurable progress at the end of 12 weeks on the musical goal that is most important to you. AND imagine making lifelong friendships with people who share your passion for music and will cheer you on and keep you on track.

We want to make it easy for you to implement these principles, see progress and make meaningful connections. That’s why we are starting the 12-week Guitar Fam Growth Groups. 

Starting Saturday, June 1st at 10 AM Pacific, we will meet over Zoom at the same time each week for 12 weeks. Each person will pick 1 or 2 goals to focus on for those 12 weeks and have an opportunity to check in with their successes and struggles. 

If you are a Guitar Fam premium member this is already included in your membership at no extra cost. All you have to do is show up in the zoom meeting. If you are not a premium member, you can join with a monthly or annual membership. 

This is a great way to set some goals and hold yourself to them for 12 weeks. Let’s avoid spinning our wheels on the same guitar struggles again next year.

So if you want to join us, follow these 3 Steps:

Get your premium account today and we’ll see you on June 1st.

See you there, 

Nate & Chelsea

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Bruce Finley
Bruce Finley
29. Mai

Hi Nare and Chelsea, I am going to participate in the 12 week challenge. I know I suffer nearly from lack of discipline. I know I have the skills to be able to play and sing. Being accountable will cause me to be disciplined and not want to disaapoint anyone, particular me. It has worked well for me in the past. I'm sure it will help again.


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Nate Savage
Nate Savage
04. Juni
Antwort an

It was nice to see you there Bruce. We are looking forward to making some great progress with everyone in the group.

Gefällt mir

28. Mai

Just accessed the audiobook in Spotify.

Gefällt mir
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