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"Horse With No Name"

Hi fam,

I’ve had quite a few requests for a lesson on the America song “Horse With No Name”, so here it is. The video, jam track, and chord chart are available for you here on the Guitar Fam site.

This is a great one to learn if you haven’t yet been able to play through an entire song. I teach five variations on the strumming pattern, so there is something for absolute beginners and more experienced players too.

Many newer guitar players get frustrated with the guitar and quit because they feel like there is too much going on all at once. One of the most important concepts you can use to avoid this frustration is to separate bigger challenges into their smallest parts. For easier songs I like to divide challenges into the following five areas.

1 Clean Chords
2 Clean Chord Transitions
3 Strumming
4 Timing
5 Song Format

If you spend some time on each of these areas before bringing them together, you will have a much easier time playing through a full song.

Give this song and learning method a shot, and let us know if you have any questions or progress updates you’d like to share.

Thanks for watching,

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