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"Rock and Roll"

Hi fam, 

Welcome to this guitar solo lesson. This time we are taking an admittedly selfish look at the three solos from the Christone “Kingfish” Ingram song “Rock and Roll.” I’ve become quite a Kingfish fan over the past couple years and wanted to learn this song. Since there aren't any TABs or videos available online, I figured I would TAB it out from scratch so anyone else who wanted it could have it. 

The feel, tone, and note choice are excellent, in my opinion. I think I like this song so much because of the elements besides the standard minor pentatonic scale that Kingfish uses to make things more interesting. He uses some major scales, minor pentatonic scales, major pentatonic scales, and some triad superimposition to create a pretty lush sound. 

Give the video a watch. Of course, the lesson is complete with jam track and TAB for you too. You can leave any questions or song requests in the comments. Don’t forget to check out the Kingfish album 662 that this song came from. Everything else on it is quite a bit more bluesy than this song. 

Have fun,


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