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"Sundown" Guitar Solo

Hi fam,

We’re happy to bring you the next famous guitar solo video. This time we are taking a look at the solo from the Gordon Lightfoot song “Sundown”. Of course, we have the TAB and jam track available for you here on the site.

This solo is excellent if you’ve been wanting to get into a bluesy style of lead guitar. The bends and vibrato sound great without getting too complicated or advanced. Give the video a watch and please let us know if you have any questions or famous guitar solo requests.


Comments (2)

Greg Weber
Greg Weber
30 de mai.

Just saw this song. I've already been practicing the chords for this song on occasion. It will be great to be able to work on adding in this guitar solo. 🎸

Honestly, one of the best lessons I’ve seen anywhere. Thank you!

Im a 79 year old guy who lived in Greenwich Village in the late 60’s. The music has influenced my entire life. Would you be interested in posting a Dave van Ronk song or songs. If you recall the movie “Inside Llewyn Davis” Much of the music was Dave van Ronk. ‘I’m going to study you web site and sign up for something. ‘Thanks again

Nate Savage
Nate Savage
23 de mai.
Respondendo a

Thanks for saying that Chuck. This is one of the best solos I've found that sounds great and uses a lot of core techniques but isn't too difficult to learn. Wow... you lived in Greenwich Village in the 60's! You must have seen some unbelievable and historical music. I'll have to look those songs up as I'm not familiar with them.

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