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"Sweet Caroline"

“Sweet Caroline” is one of the most popular party songs of all time. That means it’s a great tune to keep in your back pocket for any social situations you may find yourself in.

In this lesson, we are going to take a look at the chords and strumming patterns you need to play all the parts of this song at an easier level and more of an intermediate level. Of course, we have the jam track and chord charts with and without a capo available for you.

The song is in the key of B major. If your bar chords are up to speed, you can use the chord chart in the key of B. If you'd like to use more open chords to make things easier, you can capo on the second fret and use the chord chart in the key of A. The video explains all of this in detail.

If you have any questions about this song, shoot us an email or leave a comment on the page.


Comments (2)

Thanks so much Nate for this Sweet Caroline song which is my favourite. I can now learn EEDE and Cm and Bm part which is very clear. I also like the strumming you teach for this song. Thanks once again.

Andy Wright
Andy Wright
Aug 10, 2023
Replying to

Hi Raymond, I love this song too. Definitely on my to do list. Welcome to the fam.

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