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"White Christmas"

Hi fam,

As you may already know, “White Christmas” won the vote for the 2022 Guitar Fam Christmas Collaboration song. The instructional video, TAB, and jam track are all available here on this page for you.

We would like to see as many students as possible participate! It doesn’t have to be fancy or have high production value. All you need to do is practice the song to the best of your ability, video yourself, and send the video to us. The deadline for video submissions is December 7th, so you have almost an entire month to get your version ready.

The video goes through all of the instructions for participating in detail, and it gives some suggestions/ideas for beginner and intermediate versions of the song. If you’d like to listen to a reference track, you can check out the Michael Buble version or The Drifters version. The chords in those two versions match up pretty well with the jam track, but the jam track is in the key of G at 113bpm.

If you have any questions on how to play or video yourself, please let us know at

We are looking forward to making a great memory with you.
Nate & Chelsea