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"Wild World"

Hi fam,

We are happy to bring you another cover song lesson request based on the 2023 Guitar Fam survey. This time we are looking at “Wild World” by Cat Stevens. The video, TAB and jam track are on this page for you.

You can get through almost all of this song with one simple strumming pattern and a handful of chords. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can use this song as an opportunity to dress up your rhythm guitar playing with some bass note motion and dynamics. Those ideas are covered in the video.

This is also a great song to learn if you want to get into lead guitar. There are a few licks that will help you get some lead technique under your fingers and start to use scales in your playing. Let us know if you have any questions or progress updates as you progress.

Nate & Chelsea

Comments (2)

Greg Weber
Greg Weber

Downloaded the TAB and backing track last night. Watched the video and did my first attempt at it. The chords were pretty straightforward. The strumming pattern and the fills seem to be the challenging part; at least for me. You're right this will be a great song to work on to expand my playing beyond chords. 🙂

John Whitesell
John Whitesell

Hey Nate, you “uncomplicated” this song for me by unpacking it so methodically…thank you! Great vocals, Chelsea.

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