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“King of the Road"

Hi fam,

Thanks for taking the time to come to the site and put the effort into learning a new song. In this lesson, we are looking at the Roger Miller tune “King of the Road”. It was a special request from a private lesson student and a few others in the Guitar Fam community.

If you use a capo, you can get through the entire song with only three open chords and one strumming pattern. That means this one qualifies as an easy song. If you choose to use bar chords, the difficulty level jumps to at least 2.5 stars.

One part you need to watch out for is the modulation that happens about halfway through the song. As you will see in the play-through, there is a break in the song that allows me time to move my capo up one fret to keep playing open chords. You can take that approach, or use bar chords for the second half of the song.

The lesson resources included the video, TAB/chord chart, and two jam tracks. You can download them by using the buttons under the video. Let us know if you have any questions as you progress.

Nate & Chelsea

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