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“Take Me Home, Country Roads"

Hi fam,

In this cover song lesson, we are looking at the much-requested “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver. You can find the video, jam track, and TAB/chord chart on this page.

This is the strumming version of this song, so it’s great for sharpening your rhythm guitar skills. We will also be releasing a fingerstyle version of this song shortly. I’d recommend learning this strumming version first. That way, you will be able to concentrate on your picking hand later on with the fingerstyle lesson.

The video gives you several different levels of strumming to choose from. The first level is a straightforward 16th-note strumming pattern. Level two adds an alternating bass line for each chord, and level three adds walk-downs and walk-ups. Feel free to go with the version that suits your current skill level or pushes you to the next level.

Have fun, and let us know if you have any questions or comments as you progress.

Nate & Chelsea

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