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“Thinking Out Loud"

Hi fam,

A while back, we put out the video for the solo to the Ed Sheeran song Thinking Out Loud. This week, we are bringing you the video for the rhythm guitar part. The lesson is complete with video, TAB, chord chart, and jam tracks for you. One of the jam tracks has the guitar taken out so you can be the guitar player in the band, and the other jam track has the guitar and vocals taken out so you can sing and play along.

This is an excellent song to learn if you are starting to get into fingerstyle guitar. It doesn’t quite qualify as an easy song because there is a B minor bar chord, but the rest of the chords are pretty straightforward. If you need help with fundamental fingerstyle technique or bar chords, check out the Fingerstyle Masterclass or the Bar Chord Masterclass here on the site. 

Give it a go, and let us know if you have any questions or comments as you progress. 

Nate & Chelsea


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