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The first module of the Strumming Dr. course is free for all Guitar Fam membership levels. Create your complimentary or become a premium member to get started today. 

Module 1

Foundational Technique, Quarter Note Strumming, & Timing

Develop your core strumming technique and timing skills. Focusing on the foundations here will make 8th and 16th note strumming ideas much easier later on.

Module 2

8th Note Strumming & Timing

Take your strumming to the next logical level by learning to use 8th notes to play new musical strumming patterns and developing your timing.

Module 3

Dynamic Strumming Tools

Discover how to use accents, muted strumming, single bass notes, and drum and bass ideas to give your strumming a new dimension of depth and emotion.

Module 4

16th Note Strumming & Timing

Overcome 16th notes and use them to play your most musical and dynamic strumming patterns yet. You will naturally kick your timing and creativity up a notch too.

Module 5

Triplets, Swing Feel & Syncopation

Refine your strumming and timing by learning how to incorporate triplets, syncopation, and the ever-important swing feel to your playing.


Download the Strumming Dr. workbook so you can follow along with each exercise and musical example in the course.